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CCM Jetspeed FT680 Hockey Gloves Senior

CCM Jetspeed FT680 Hockey Gloves Senior

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The JETSPEED FT680 hockey gloves offer top-shelf durability and comfort for hockey players of all skill levels.

Not only are they reinforced and filled with high-quality PE foam, offering an unbelievably durable soft feel, but they also provide a competitive combination of protection and unrestricted wrist movements.

Crafted with breathable pro-quality mesh and lightweight polyester, you can trust these gloves to keep your hands safe during those intense games without getting hot or sweaty.

• Pro-quality mesh + lightweight polyester construction: Lightweight and incredibly durable, in an anatomical back roll design ideal for competitive play.

• Laminated liner with PU foam cushioning: Soft feel from the start for great comfort. • PE foam + PE inserts on fingers and backhand: Premium foam and inserts deliver lightweight, top-notch protection

• Pro Flexthumb - from size 11": Increased mobility for a better grip

• Sensalast palm with sublimated reinforcement: Soft feel and enhanced durability • Short pre-angled one-piece open cuff: Unrestricted wrist movement, plus augmented flexibility and protection

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