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CCM Jetspeed FT680 Shoulder Pads Senior

CCM Jetspeed FT680 Shoulder Pads Senior

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The CCM JETSPEED FT680 hockey shoulder pads have been designed with the perfect balance of mobility and protection in mind.

From its lightweight and breathable PE plastic and foam construction to its stretchable sublimated comfort liner, the FT680 has been created with players' best interests in mind.

  • Dual-layer front construction with PE foam: Low-profile design provides an extra layer of protection while providing improved flexibility that won't slow you down
  • JDP design caps with molded PE: Made from lightweight PE plastic, these caps deliver competitive protection that helps disperse impacts away from your shoulder joints
  • Vented front base with PE perforated foam: Lightweight yet durable chest protection that breathes so you feel light yet protected, mobile and comfortable with its sublimated lining
  • PE-molded cap + length adjustment: Custom comfort fit and excellent protection with adjustable coverage and sublimated lining
  • Anatomical molded PE sternum and spine: Compress molded plastic protection
  • Sublimated liner: High-quality comfort liner with stretch feel front panels to help you move freely
  • Segmented semi-floating clavicle coverage: Highly protective clavicle coverage that moves with you
  • Extended coverage front panel: Competitive-level protection
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