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CCM Next Elbow Pads Senior

CCM Next Elbow Pads Senior

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The CCM NEXT elbow pads are easily adjustable and comfortable, with a design perfect for casual players of any age to use as often or as sparingly as they like.

Comfort should be customized, even if you only step on the ice once in a while.

These elbow pads from the CCM NEXT collection are easy to adjust and comfortable.

What's more, they're designed for casual players of any age to use as often (or as scarcely) as they like!

 Two-piece construction: Reliable and functional protection with a light feel ideal for recreational use at any age • Compress-molded EVA foam forearm + PE insert: Sublimated lining with great lightweight protection around the forearm • PE elbow cap with JDP construction + donut hole: JDP construction designed to disperse impact force away from the elbow joint while comfort and fit are enhanced by donut padding • Articulated bicep with molded PE plastic insert: Sublimated lining and slip-on elastic sleeve construction for great comfort and mobility • Simplified thee-strap system: Customize your fit and comfort

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