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CCM Next Shoulder Pads Junior

CCM Next Shoulder Pads Junior

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For Casual Friday game days, invest in the lightweight shoulder pads from the NEXT collection, designed to offer ample protection for the part-time player.

Designed with casual players in mind, the CCM Next Shoulder Pads Junior offer plenty of protection in a lightweight package that's perfect for the part-time puckster.

  • U-shape single-layer construction with PE foam: Flexible and reliable protection with a light feel, ideal for recreational use at all ages
  • Molded PE shoulder caps: Full coverage around the shoulders to safeguard from impacts or falls
  • PE foam base: Lightweight fit that delivers great protection while moving with you, with maximized Velcro landing zone for easy adjustment and custom fit
  • Adjustable molded PE caps: Slip-on elastic sleeve construction for a closer comfortable fit with reliable protection
  • Anatomical floating EVA foam sternum + foam & PE plastic spine: High level of protection
  • Sublimated liner: High-quality comfort liner with stretch feel front panels to help you move freely
  • Built-in lightweight foam and plastic inserts: Clavicle protection in a highly mobile and comfortable design
  • Shoulder blade foam insert: Competitive-level protection
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