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CCM Ribcor Trigger 8 Pro Hockey Stick Senior

CCM Ribcor Trigger 8 Pro Hockey Stick Senior

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Take your game to the next level with the CCM Ribcor Trigger 8 Pro Sr. Hockey Stick, made for elite players like you! With its Nanolite Shield tech, and its lightweight, DualFeel blade, you'll have max speed, precision, and control.

Now's your chance - seize control and offer up some major goals with this top-of-the-line stick!!!

Introducing the all new CCM Ribcor Trigger 8 Pro Senior Hockey Stick, where lighting-quick release meets unbelievable feel! With key upgrades including an innovative foam insert in the heel of the blade and Nanolite Shield technology, This is the best Trigger stick CCM has ever made!

Starting with the build of the stick, the Ribcor Trigger 8 Pro features CCM’s new Nanolite Shield carbon layering technology. This reengineered design features two thinner carbon fiber layers stacked between two thicker layers designed to achieve drastic weight reduction without compromising durability. Finally the outer shield made of unidirectional carbon fibers and Sigma STP weave offers increased protection from in-game impacts.

The Trigger 8 Pro continues the Ribcor tradition featuring a CCM’s ergonomic E-Geometry, designed to offer a seamless energy transfer that maximizes the speed of release of the puck.

Paired with the E-Geometry, the Skeleton+ taper provides better reliability and durability in key game moments.

Finally on the shaft, the traditional Ribcor low kick point features a gradual decrease in stiffness in the bottom of the shaft to offer quicker loading and release for pop on every shot.

The blade of the Trigger 8 Pro is where CCM takes a giant leap, introducing their DualFeel technology. An innovative dampening foam insert at the heel of the blade better dampens vibrations and improves acoustics when stick handling and passing. However the proven and beloved foam core remains in the middle and toe area to ensure the iconic quick release remains on shots. Finally A Sigma STP wrap offers unmatched durability.

If you are an elite player looking for a stick with a low kick point and quick loading feel for quicker releases be sure to check out the CCM Ribcor Trigger 8 Pro Senior Hockey Stick!

  • Dual Feel Blade Technology New dampening foam heel insert dampens vibrations for better control, confidence and acoustics. The result is less puck wobble when shooting and passing; while stickhandling and catching passes is effortlessly controlled.
  • Nanolite Shield Technology With thin layers of carbon fiber layered in between thicker, more protective carbon fiber that is all shielded by more unidirectional carbon fiber, CCM can remove 15 grams of weight with the same level of strength and durability.
  • Sigmatex STp Carbon Fiber This brand new, spread tow carbon weave is even lighter, more durable and stronger than before. Since it's also used in the blade, the FT5 Pro has even better balance too. 


  • Construction Fused Two-PieceSkelton + Technology
  • Materials NanoLite Shield TechnologySigmatex STp Carbon Fiber
  • Grip Finish Tacky Grip
  • Shaft Dimensions Upper Third: Round Corners and Concave SidewallsMiddle Third: Round Corners and Straight SidewallsLower Third: Round Corners and Convex Rear Sidewall
  • Stick Lengths 51" (40 flex) 54" (50 flex) 55" (55 flex) 57" (65 flex) 60" (70, 75, 80, 85 flex) 63" (95 flex)
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