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CCM Tacks AS-580 Shoulder Pads Senior

CCM Tacks AS-580 Shoulder Pads Senior

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The CCM Tacks AS-580 Shoulder Pads Senior is more traditional, offering great protection and mobility.

The AS-580 Shoulder Pad comes with the new hybrid sternum shield with vent tech to provide comfort and mobility.

JDP shoulder caps with floating clavicle and shoulder protection along with moulded spine protection offers top level protection.


  • CONSTRUCTION: MAX COVERAGE ASD (ANATOMICAL SHIELD DESIGN) FRONT FLEXMOTION CONSTRUCTION - New ASD construction offers top quality protection. Front Flexmotion construction offers competitive-level protection, mobility and comfort.
  • CAPS: JDP INJECTED CAPS - Elite-level cap construction disperses the impact force away from the shoulders.
  • TORSO: MOLDED MID DENSITY EVA FOAM - Elite-level protection and comfort.
  • BICEPS: HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE BICEP - Height adjustable bicep makes it easy to fi nd your perfect fit.
  • STERNUM/SPINE: VENT-TECH FLOATING STERNUM HYBRID SHIELD + COMPRESS-MOLDED SPINE CAP - Added breathability to keep you cool and a hybrid shield sternum along with compress-molded spine cap for a competitive-level protection.
  • LINER: SUBLIMATED + COMFORT LINER - Superior quality liner that helps airfl ow to keep you dry.
  • CLAVICLE: FLOATING ARCHES FOR CLAVICLE AND SHOULDER BLADE PROTECTION - Competitive-level clavicle protection that provide enhanced mobility.
  • EXTRA PROTECTION: ADPTFIT HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE & REMOVEABLE BELLY PAD - Adjustable belly pad offers customizable coverage to help enhance protection.
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