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CCM Tacks AS-V Shoulder Pads Junior

CCM Tacks AS-V Shoulder Pads Junior

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The CCM Tacks AS-V Shoulder Pads Junior offer elite levels of protection and mobility at a more affordable price.

The AS-V shares a similar base design of the AS-V Pro Shoulder Pads, with the new hybrid shield of the sternum and spine, with floating bridges and segmented base jacket for maximum mobility.

Elite level protection comes with D30 built into the JDP shoulder caps to disperse energy away from the shoulder joint.


  • CONSTRUCTION: MAX COVERAGE ASD (ANATOMICAL SHIELD DESIGN) FLEXMOTION CONSTRUCTION - New ASD construction for top quality protection paired with a Flexmotion design for elite-level protection without sacrificing comfort or mobility.
  • CAPS: JDP INJECTED CAPS WITH EXPOSED FOAM COVERS + D3O® LITE INSIDE - Pro-level construction disperses the impact force away from shoulders while D3O® helps absorb impact and shock.
  • TORSO: MOLDED MD EVA FOAM + ADPTFIT ADJUSTABLE STRAPS - Superior comfort Flexmotion base jacket with added rib protection and length-adjustable torso straps to facilitate fi nding your ideal custom fit.
  • BICEPS: ADPTFIT STRAP + HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE BICEP WITH INJECTED PLASTIC GUARD - Customizable fit and reinforced bicep guards allow for pro-level protection where you need it.
  • STERNUM/SPINE: VENT-TECH FLOATING STERNUM & SPINE HYBRID SHIELDS + D3O® AT PLEXUS - Added breathability keeps you cool throughout the game while the hybrid shield construction is reinforced by D3O® at the tender sternum plexus to counter any impacts.
  • LINER: SUBLIMATED LINER + SOFT FEEL FRONT STRETCH PANELS - Superior quality comfort liner with stretch feel front panels to help you move freely.
  • CLAVICLE: REINFORCED FLOATING ARCHES FOR CLAVICLE AND SHOULDER BLADE PROTECTION - Elite-level clavicle protection in a highly mobile and comfortable design.
  • EXTRA PROTECTION: VENT-TECH ADPTFIT HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE & REMOVABLE BELLY AND LOWER BACK PADS - Breathable and adjustable extra belly and lower back pads help customize your maximum protection fit.
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