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Green Biscuit Pro Puck

Green Biscuit Pro Puck

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The Green Biscuit Pro Training Hockey Puck is an off-ice training hockey puck that will help you and your team develop better stick handling and passing skills.

Heavier weight for increased stability and a more realistic feel

The Green Biscuit weighs 4.6 oz, which about an ounce less than an official ice hockey puck. An average puck weighs between 5-6 oz; therefore, the weight of the training puck will be similar to game time situations.

The Green Biscuit puck is a two-piece hard plastic construction. This allows the puck to absorb vibrations and glide smoothly on concrete or asphalt surfaces. Now hockey players can train wherever and whenever!

The Green Biscuit Training Hockey Puck is primarily a passing and stick handling puck and not meant for sniping.

  • Hard plastic training puck
  • 2-piece design helps absorb vibrations
  • Keep the puck flat and gliding on rough surfaces
  • Glides effortlessly on virtually any hard surface (driveways, streets)
  • Feels and acts like a real ice puck
  • Makes off ice training convenient and fun
  • Designed for passing and stick handling
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