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Warrior Alpha LX30 Shin Guards Junior

Warrior Alpha LX30 Shin Guards Junior

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The Warrior Alpha LX30 Shin Guards Junior provides an anatomical fit around the leg that whilst providing great protection for the competitive hockey player.

The LX 30 Shins protect from impact energy by way of hard moulded plastic on the knee and shin shell. Molded plastic and standard foam offers a protective calf wrap.

The LX 30 then features two elastic straps to keep the pad in place and ensure protection where you need it all game long.

The Alpha LX 30 Shin Guards feature a STRIKE yellow liner. This liner will help to keep the Shin Guards in place with less slippage and will help to keep players dry and clean during use.

  • Knee Cap: Molded Plastic, Standard Foam
  • Thigh Guard: Dense Foam
  • Shin Shell: Molded Plastic, Vented
  • Calf Guard: Moded Plastic, Standard Foam
  • Knee Wing: Dense Foam
  • Shell: Liner Standard Foam
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